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My Backstory with Josh Boyer

The show where anything goes. We will be talking about philosophy, motivation, mindset, addiction, recovery, human optimization and everything in between. I will be sharing my personal journey of recovering from my 6th back surgery and the tools I used to get me where I am today

Jun 2, 2020

I wish I could put into words how special this 12 part podcast series is to me, and how thankful I am for Dan for helping me to make this a reality. This series is dedicated to Rory Hamill, and I hope I can make even a fraction of the positive impact that he made in the world. You are missed brother, and I swear to do my best to carry on where you left off to make a difference in the mental health arena. I am so honored that I got to have Dan Clancy as the 1st episode to kick this off. Love you brother