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My Backstory with Josh Boyer

The show where anything goes. We will be talking about philosophy, motivation, mindset, addiction, recovery, human optimization and everything in between. I will be sharing my personal journey of recovering from my 6th back surgery and the tools I used to get me where I am today

Nov 28, 2018

Goody and I discuss his upbringing. We talk about him losing his brother when he was 16, and his outlook on deathaversaries. We talk about his parents and some of the lessons he learned from them. Dustin explains his realization that he needed to make some changes, joining the United States Air Force, and shares his...

Nov 21, 2018

Aaron and talk about the importance of proper body mechanics and functional strength. He breaks down what core strength actually means. We also discuss the benefits of a proper mindset. Aaron got me to level up and become more aware of how I was using language. We often add so many unnecessary words to our story that...

Nov 19, 2018

Lauren and I have an amazing conversation. It is a raw, authentic, honest, uncensored talk about life, marriage, divorce, parenting, injuries, cancer, recovery, mindset, bodybuilding, drug use, dieting, self love, lessons, gratitude, mentors and regrets

Nov 19, 2018

Chris and I discuss his upbringing, his family tradition of military service, his transition from a United States Marine to an elite Navy SEAL, and how he parlayed that into a successful business. Chris is super transparent about his life, his military experience, and what he's learned in business. I'm sure you'll...

Nov 19, 2018

Andrew and I discuss his upbringing, his mindset and his passion for movement. We also discuss how the MoveU program is helping me recover from my 6th back surgery. You will love this episode