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My Backstory with Josh Boyer

The show where anything goes. We will be talking about philosophy, motivation, mindset, addiction, recovery, human optimization and everything in between. I will be sharing my personal journey of recovering from my 6th back surgery and the tools I used to get me where I am today

Apr 27, 2019

Sean is a member of the Heckler and Koch shooting team, and is a successful marketer and entrepreneur. In this episode Sean and I discuss his upbringing in Alaska, and how he went from being a drummer in a successful band to becoming a nationally recognized competitive shooter. We also discuss how he rebuilt his life after losing everything due to having an unscrupulous business partner. Sean discusses how he prepares for matches, and how visualization plays a huge role in his success. Sean has become the success that he is by being disciplined, calculated, and relentless in the pursuit of his goals. I hope you all enjoy this episode as much as I did.